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The Week(end) Report

We had our first Brr-lesque show at Koots Thursday night. It was a small house, but Koots really went the extra mile for us. They had a programmable lighting system, so I worked door and then appeared as a snake hand puppet named Jasmine for Strawberry Stem's dance where she was a snake charmer. The troupe brought up a belly dancer for the show and invited local belly dancers to perform so the theme was Through the Veil. lonelydumptruck and Rodney did really bad magic tricks (including pulling a rabbit out of a hat by revealing rabbit ears on lonelydumptruck when he took off his hat), one about fighting over the guest dancer and wrapped it all up with a farewell song to Sarah Palin. It was really sunny out most of last week, so lonelydumptruck was getting off work early and meeting at the house to run lines with Rodney on the deck. Several of our neighbors loved the Sarah Palin bits (We're pretty sure we're kind of going to miss you. If you'd only give us the fucking chance.)

Having a Brr-lesque show on Thursday instead of the usual Friday-Saturday really threw off my Friday mojo. Plus Little Boss had the day off, so the Big Boss spotted every fuck up. He even called me during lunch to ask just how I'd managed to fuck up every single part of a work order. The funny part is that I'd asked Other Office Friend about it and he'd grunted in approval. We had a much bigger and livelier crowd Friday night. After the show we just came home to our traditional after-Brr-lesque dinner of corned beef hash and watched the Venture Brothers.

Saturday I did nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but play Sims3. I really like it a lot. Now you run all the Sims in your household all the time, so there is none of that 'okay, I'm just going to take this one to the mall and the Sims at home will just stay frozen.' Some of the relationship things are a little tough to master, though.

I started with a Sim named Noah Zuckermann. He really liked this one NPC Sim, so he got her to whoo-hoo. He had the reward of fertility, so I didn't find it odd that she had twins. It was odd that I never got the chance to move her in before the babies were born, and that the game named the twins - Georgina and Cynthia - but it did surprise me when he didn't turn up as the father in the family tree. Yep, his object-de-lust was preggers by another Sim, and a Landgraab at that. Not only did I lose the legacy line, but I lost the last name in just one generation. Go me.

I loved the kids, though. Cynthia was assigned the traits of Loner and Never-Nude, so when I got to pick some, I added kleptomania and vegetarianism. I also got her a job at the graveyard because she hated crowds so much. Georgina, on the other hand, had traits like Good, Heavy Sleeper and Lucky. She fell in love with an NPC sim, Chester Hart. His traits are fun - Insane, Neurotic. I guess he comes from a whole family that is slightly whack-a-ding-hoy. They have a daughter, Lillian. I did figure out how to get Sims to marry, so she has the last name of Hart.

The one thing I really don't like is that I think I lost the option to play sweet, crazy Cynthia when I moved Georgina out. I figured out how to get the option of playing some of the Maxis-created households, but I didn't see the Zuckermann house.

The crowd at the Brr-lesque was interesting. It was nowhere near as enthusiastic, or even at large, but the show was great. Neither of the girl who usually do Booby Prizes were there, so I get to get up on stage for that with Jasmine the Snake. We have to shake before picking tickets of course, and not just the hat. userinfoGeolinguist wasn't there, but he suggested that I probably shook it like a white girl who visited the Midwest. I'm afraid he was right.

We had the after-party at our place. Only 10 or 12 people came, so it was pretty laid-back. We even spent some time showing off our favorite YouTube crap. People were around until 4 am so we had a nice sleep-in on Sunday. I had to House Manage a string recital and I couldn't remember if my call-time was Noon or 2. I also couldn't find my August schedule, so I just went with the 2 in me planner and all was fine.

It ended up being a really cool event. It was organized by a teacher/conductor who takes players from school band members to homeschool kids to adults and teaches them the basics of orchestral playing in just 10 classes. They did 6 songs, including Happy Birthday and Row Row Row Your Boat. The woman organizing it was just an angel. She came out afterward to ask if I'd heard her thank me from the stage and that I saw she thanked the House Manager in the program. I also got one of the keyrings she gave to everyone who really helped with the program and a rose.

Sunday night was an early one, partly because we celebrated our 13th anniversary on Monday. We were going to get an XBox 360 right away, but we started hearing rumors the price will be going down soon, so we're going to wait a bit. Instead we had a fabulous dinner of grilled lobster tails that were so good we took pictures and cocktails and watched the first part of The Color of Magic.

Monday afternoon I went back to the original therapy center to be evaluated for pool therapy. The thing was, I didn't bring the prescription with me since the surgeon said he would call to talk to the therapist and send my information over. Yeah, that didn't happen. The appointment ended up being a history session, then trying to guess what he wanted worked on and how often. She didn't want to just throw me in the water without seeing me again, so I have Dr. appointments every day this week except Tuesday. Doesn't that just rock in this economy? I do like this therapist, though. She was very sympathetic. Her feeling is that the lump is from the scoliosis and the thunking is from an unstable shoulder joint.

I need a weekend just to catch up!
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