Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I'll do a longer post about the weekend later on. We went to bed about 9 last night. This morning I had one of those kooky-cool dreams that incorporated all kinds of strange shit - visiting my old school, trying to advise someone about who to ask to audtion to play a clumsy older man that a teenage girl marries thanks to a matchmaker. Then it all got quite strange.

It started off as a group of rl friends doing various improvs with only one line of dialogue - Are you really there? It started with all of us singing it in various styles, then it kind of shifted to a student-film of all the situations where that would be the line - a mother yelling it into the telephone when her son calls from the police station, an old woman waking up after surgery, a teacher asking a daydreaming student.

What scene would you add?

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