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A truly awesome birthday was had yesterday.

I got a nice new cut and a fantastic color as my treat to me, then did all the dead-run party stuff that always comes up for parties - making various salads, helping swamp out the living room. It was supposed to rain, but I kept insisting the clouds needed to keep their legs crossed until at least midnight and it mostly worked.

I got a new computer monitor, a Sims 2 expansion, a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a copy of Ravens in the Library, a Title Wave gift certificate, a wineglass candle (which was accidentally knocked over and shattered within the hour) and a remote control zombie. We had the family birthday dinner for the triplets and I last Sunday. That was a gift certificate-tastic affair (and that rocks). Mom and dad sent me a bunch of books from my wish list and I've read most of them already.

We weren't sure how many people were coming, so we over-cooked. A lot of people who planned on coming didn't and some folks brought friends, so I think it still eeked out around 30. When it finally started to rain we went inside and hung out in Jay's apartment.

Today I have my first production meeting for Harvey and a closing shift at the Aurora show. That will give me a good jump into Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (so I can then lend it to the person who gave it to me.)
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