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As crises go, a an interesting but not unbearable day. One of the huge events was Yngvil backing into Christian's car. Twice. We're still not sure how it happened since we didn't see her after that. The other was being summoned to Christian's classroom along with one of the other staff. He refused to tell us why before we got there. Once we did we were told without preamble that the little girl at his desk had used the "N" word and he wanted her to have a discussion about language with an African-American woman and a white woman.

Last night Mark and I went to see Dodgeball. Stupid but a metric ton of fun. I think it almost counter-balanced Mark's shitty day at work. Tonight we tried to see Crimes of the Heart (which I STILL keep trying to call Steel Magnolias) but we were just 2 of 6 people there and, in a surprise move, they called the show. Sandy never allowed a show I was working on to be called no matter what the size of the house. There was always someone in from somewhere in the Bush who wouldn't be able to see the show unless we went on. I'm a little jealous.

In party news, we hit Costco tonight. Guests, be warned.
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