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Ghost Light

Best Conference Ever!!

Seriously, best ever.

Friday we went to meet Mommie and Eddie for dinner. They were late, so we had a cocktail and waited until the came - followed by lonelydumptruck sister Lori-O who said "Surprise!!"

lonelydumptruck's play could not have gone better. It was the last of 4 so everyone left talking about it. He got major compliments, especially during the cruise afterward.

This was also the best cruise year ever. We were on the drinking boat instead of the singing boat, which ruled. Our boat also had a hose so the crew was able to threaten to soak the other boat. We saw a shit-ton of otters out near the glacier. The best part was (drum roll please) we saw a whale. It came really close to the boat, we could see the blowhole, and it show us its tail several times. lonelydumptruck got video which will make him the toast of Facebook.

Saturday we slept in and did some gift shopping. About 1 Rodney called to tell us an old friend was working for a charter fishing place, the friend who directed The Haunting of Hill House and the first production of Christmas Story. He took us out on the Sound in a little 4-person speed boat. we pretty much followed the same route the cruise ships had the night before and we saw even more otters and at least one seal. People kept asking us if we were disappointed we didn't see the whale again. I was MORE than fine with not seeing the whale while we were in a 4-person speed boat!

The Gala was beautiful. It was so great to see Ron honored in that way. The President of PWSCC was there and went around after the gala to tell everyone to meet in the Lounge of the hotel which hosted the Fringe. You have to love a school where the president organizes the pub crawl. He rang the bell twice too.

We hung at the bar for a while, until a Ghost of Anchorage Theatre Past, in all of his crazy-strange glory, thought the last glass of beer in our pitcher was his leftover pitcher and poured out Alaska White into his Hefewiesen. After that we went over to hang out with our old friend at the fish shop and drink wine. When he headed to bed, we went over to one of the other bars in town to do more celebrating with friends.

The drive home was great. The roads were not being constructed or very busy. We got home in time to take Dad to the ballgame. One of the players was named Caleb Bushyhead and Jay immediately became so enamored of it I have been teasing him that Bushyhead is his new nickname. Feel free to use it when you see him.

After the game we tried 2 different places for dinner (3 if you count the fact we went to a different Greek restaurant than they did) and finally ended up at Cattle Company. It was really great to hang out with family.

That's about what I have for right now.
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