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We made it to Valdez just fine. It was a pretty nice drive overall.

We pulled in just in time to get our room (a studio dorm room with a mattress on the floor and a TV tray for furniture), eat at the Thai place and get to see Man in the Attic on the mainstage.

lonelydumptruck had seen in when it was Out North but I hadn't. I liked the show, but I felt like there was still a shoe waiting to drop when the final blackout came. The Fringe was in a hotel instead of above the Mexican restaurant. It was the final night, so the scripts were all Overnighters with a universal theme of death. I really liked some of them, but it was too much sitting after the drive and the mainstage.

We formally checked in for the Conference this morning and watched one of the full-length plays. It was a No Exit kind of piece where people were trapped in a room with no idea why they were really there. The blurb made it sound like it was going to be a propaganda play but it was a lot better than that. The playwright who wrote some of my favorite childrens plays is here again and there are at least 8 of her plays here I don't have yet. I smell a splurge in my future. She walked by while I was sending emails earlier and we said hi. :)

Mommie and Eddie came down to see lonelydumptruck's play tonight so we had lunch with them at the Thai place. Now the big question is whether to stay for the last full-length play readings of the Conference or go take a nap.
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