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The 2009 3 Barons Faire has ended! It was a really great weekend, not as sunny or hot as last weekend, but I still added to my quota of sunburn for the summer. There was a bit of drama, of course. One of our guitarists thought he'd sprained his ankle during tech week, it turned out his foot was broken and he didn't think he'd be able to perform. The show-saving duo of Rodney and lonelydumptruck swooped into action and got our usual lead guitarist, who couldn't do the Faire this year, to agree to cover the weekend. Once things were settled, out guitarist announced he was clear to play. Doesn't it always happen that once you set up a back-up plan the original crisis is magically diverted?

lonelydumptruck and Rodney also got the idea that we should do an after-Faire show on Saturday as part of the cast part so people who never get to see our show because of fight or court shows could come over and see it. I think that was our best show of the entire weekend! There is nothing like playing to a friendly house.

Strike went very quickly. We were done by about 12:30, but ended up staying later to talk business and run an errand so we did get to bed until late. lonelydumptruck had today off to help finish things up and make sure things were stored away safely. I called in le tired this morning and didn't go in until noon.

I was supposed to watch the Rogues and Wenches show and give feedback on their staging but they couldn't get the theatre tonight. Instead I watched True Blood with lonelydumptruck and played some Sims. I have so many Sims at college right now I am going to need to chart to keep them all straight. Tomorrow we have family BBQ, one of Ila's sons is in town, then we are going to a joint 'We're not going to Valdez/Going Away party for userinfokahteeyah'.

Thursday we are going to Valdez (although the folks throwing the party are not.) lonelydumptruck's play Bear Variations is being performed on Friday night as part of the Alaska Playwrights evening!! I am so excited for him I can barely stand it. He's even getting paid royalties!

That's about it, but keep your fingers crossed for a sekret project I'm hoping will come through? :)
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