Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

More Wild Week

Last week I taught a stage management class for the Alaska Fine Arts Academy. I only had 2 girls but they were both great. One is very excited about stage managing and even came in to shadow me the last Sunday of Time Immemorial. The other said she didn't know why the class interested her, but she wanted to take it. She's more interested on the movies and television side of things, her mom is an occasional actress and absolutely over the moon about her daughter learning to stage manage.

All three of us had a ball. I am keeping my notes from this class, I think it will be my model from here on out. I just hope I can remember some of the stories and rants that prompts like 'spiking the stage' drew out of me. I told the girls Saturday would be our fun day to talk about kits, etiquette and superstitions. They were so eager to hear some of my 'when things went wrong stories' I ended up telling a few of those the second-to-last class and we actually ran out of time to cover absolutely everything.

The person who set me up with the class asked if I would consider directing for them this season and I actually have a show in mind already.
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