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The Week of Insanity!

I am just going to break this up into topics instead of dealing with one mammoth post.

I had another checkup with Dr. Buddy. This one was more to see how I'm doing than checking on the brace. Just from eyeball and hand measurements I'm continuing to improve. Out of the brace, my lower curve is still pretty 'open' (my hips and waist are out of whack) but my shoulder blades were almost even. The little level tool says I've gone from a 5 degree rise on the right to a three degree rise on the left. We're just going to take the fact the number went down as a win.

My shoulders are moving much more easily. Both the OT and Dr. Buddy are confidant that the reason I'm getting more ribs out of joint is that my muscles are finally starting to unsplint and move. Most of them are up almost behind my shoulder blades these days. He is delighted, I just wish the muscles could find a less painful way to celebrate.

The middle finger of my left hand is really hurting again, the one I refer to as my repetitive use injury. Dr. Buddy assured me there was no possibility it could be arthritis. Then I reminded him that I'm 10 years older than he thinks I am. We ordered the evaluation I had done a few years ago so we can get x-rays and compare next time I come in. He keeps asking how I look so young, but he won't take 'immaturity' for an answer.

The best news of the appointment is that they measured my height again. I was 5'4 3/4" in college, 5'3' when they fit me in the brace and this week I am proud to say I am back to being 5'4"! A whole inch in just 7 months!
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