Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Ooops *tee-hee*

After stage managing the Civic Orchestra tonight I went over to our friend's place for a BBQ. I pulled onto their street and I saw a truck parked about halfway down. My pack mentality tells me that parking right behind the truck is the best thing to so, so I begin to angle that way.

There are three young kids walking down the middle of the street. As soon as I get close, even though I am angling in, they get that jolt of survival instinct and go squirting to the sidewalk. I wave to them as I go by, giving them a thumbs-up so they know I saw them. They all look back at me and start to give me thumbs-up back.

It was adorable. Right up through the moment where one of the boys ran into the back of the truck giving me a thumbs-up.

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