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Another week down

One week of Advanced Conservatory to go. As mentioned before, we added the Regular Conservatory kids this week and they are wonderful stinkers to a man. One of them almost got me killed yesterday. I was walking through at sign-out and he yells out "I love you Janet!" so I said "Oh, I love you too." His mom WHIPPED around to stare at me. If that woman had possessed any mutant powers I would have been a little pile of ashes on the floor from the fire in her eyes. Then the little darling adds "As a DIRECTOR I love you!" and scampers off giggling like a chipmunk. It was one of the truly WTF!!!! moments I've had this year.

I'm having a ball and it looks like the kids are too. I desperately need help at the class change times though. Somehow I just can't be in 4 places to walk 4 different groups to and from their 4 separate classes (which are generally at opposite ends of the building.) Yes, put a black mark next to my name in the SM logs: there is something I cannot do. One of the first days I had to pause so a couple kids could grab their backpacks and that gave one of the boys, who's name will not be changed because he has no innocence to protect in this one, Raven, enough time to stick his knee through the railing and get stuck.

Please send sanity.

On a non-theatre note, for once, Mark and I rented a bunch of movies at Metro last week so we finally got to see The Cooler which has a fantastic documentary about how they shot William H. Macy to show the evolution of the character - how he was lit, the choice of costuming him in suits 2 sizes too big and then changing to tailored, all sorts of great things. We also saw the Gospel According to Philip K. Dick which was......well.....I liked it better because I am and fan and I had read a lot of his biographical material. It was basically just a documentary where people talked about his life and there was a lot of focus on the early 70's when he began to believe that God or an alien intelligence was communicating with him through a pink light that beamed information into his head. Interesting, but they kind of "forgot" to say who any of the people speaking were. Eventually we found captioned pictures of all of the interviewees in the special features, but while we were watching it there was a lot of "Okay...the one who keeps going on about "Phil and I" this and "Phil and I" that might be KW Jeter because I think that about the time this was made he started cashing in on Knowing Phil and writing those abominable Blade Runner sequels. And I think the woman who cried when she remembered the sound of Phil's voice must be one of his ex-wives..." I was wrong on both, though, one was a writer I'd never heard of and the woman was the one who coined the word "Kipple".

I have a Scriptless show tonight and I'm so tired I feel drugged. Just woke up this way.. I already nap once but it didn't take. I may have to give it another try.
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