Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

The Best of My Life

Last night I was house managing ATY's Merry Wives of Windsor. One of the regular ATY teens came in and we got to gossiping. She told me that her older sister is doing Two Noble Kinsman and one of the first things she told her family about the show was 'I didn't know there could be so many penis jokes in one show.' Plus, her sister told me, it's an all-girl cast, 'so it's all these girls doing all these penis jokes.' "Well," I told her, unable to help myself, "You get a couple shepardesses on stage and the staff jokes just kind of stack up."

Also last night, I got home beat as a dog. There was an email from my mommy-in-law, so I open it. There was a link and the message 'This is a myspace site to get you "in the mood."' Cue absolute freakout - until I managed to read the subject line "For New Orleans"

1 week and 1 day until vacation!!!
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