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Very good, very tiring weekend. We had 2 really solid Brr-lesque shows. It was odd, usually the Friday show is full of kinks and bugs to be worked out and the audience is not so great, but Friday's crowd was head and shoulders above Saturday night. One of the interesting things I've noticed, doing the show for a couple years, is the changing opinion the audience has had towards the Dirty Little Comics.

The first couple shows I worked, the audience seemed to use the Dirty Little Comics' skits as time to get drinks or to talk. One of the first shows I did a band member almost came to blows with a table that would not shut the fuck up and stop heckling the comics. This year, at the Halloween show, I was in the back chatting with one of the hostesses and a patron turned around and shushed me loudly. Saturday night, the whole crowd was as quiet and reverent as if they were watching a comedy at Cyrano's throughout the first 2 sketches.

lonelydumptruck and I went to see Sweet at Out North this afternoon. It was an amazing show about addiction blending the story of the Blood Countess and a modern meth lab in Oregon. There was one moment, where the modern meth-maker who is dreaming the world of the Countess wakes up in the dream and confronts the characters in it, that kind of threw me out of the show just because it spelled out so much of the subtext. Then it moved on and I was right back in the show and crying. I love that.

I'm almost sorry it is Sunday night, but it should be an interesting week!

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