Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
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Bracing News

The pelvic base of my brace, the part that fits over my hips and lower back, is two parts fastened together with a long, white....well, imagine the shoelace of Paul Bunyan's Keds and you've got an exact image in your head. Much like my hair, I have little to no control over what the ends of the lace are going to be doing at any given time. Mostly, they tangle up juuuuuust enough to hang out over the back of my pants. Hilarity often ensues.

One of my co-workers at the shiny new day job stopped me as I was coming out of the bathroom with a twinkle in his eye. Just from the look on his face, I knew what he was going to say. He was going to say "Hey, you've got a shoelace hanging out of your ass." He got as far as "Hey, you've g-" and then he got hung up thinking about it. I actually could see him beginning to ponder exactly WHY I have a shoelace hanging out of my ass, and did he really want to know? He struggled manfully and finally managed to stammer out "g-go-uh....umm..." and then just wandered off.

Last night one of my co-workers at the Center yelled down the hall to me "Hey! You've got laces hanging out back there!" I thanked him for the update and tucked them in, and he went on to ask if that was an invitation to pull on them and if I have trouble with the kids tugging on them.

The one that really made my day was one of my ushers last night sidling up to me to whisper. 'You've got white ties showing and it's very ugly!"

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