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Happy Holiday!

It's been a pretty laid back weekend. We celebrated Mark's mom's birthday at their new house. I am so in love with it. They keep pointing out things that need to be done to it or changed but I think it's perfect. It's a split level with a deck, 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms an exercise room and a little room at the end of the hall with French doors that just cries out to be a library. Lori brought over her latest adoptee, a German Shepard/hound mutt named Cooper which brings her kid totals to 3 cats and one huge dog.

I amazed myself over the dinner (which was incredible - Ed used the turkey fryer and did 4 little chickens). Setting the wayback machine for last year, just a day or so before my appointment with the allergist we had a big dinner at Mom's. I felt okay when I got there but after dinner I was so congested I thought someone had hit me in the nose with a bat. Yesterday, I was able to watch what I ate (though the day before was 3 meals of things I shouldn't have that much of and I was feeling really good) and I walked away unscathed. I even had some of the traditional family favorite, yummy tatters (potatoes), and they just didn't taste as good as the baked beans (which I usually loathe). I think I'm finally, truly adjusted to this whole Samter's diet. It's such a good feeling.
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