Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I am a Golden God!

I escaped from the Dungeon of Ghost Light!

I killed Xpioti the giant spider, Nagylany the kobold, Fusion4future the leprechaun, Cp Journalcomic the kobold, Queencallipygos the mind flayer, Leo The Lop the dragon, Jarethshair the kobold, Sanguine Zephyr the owlbear, Elenorerigby the gelatinous cube, Brendanwishes the owlbear, Kajafoglio the owlbear, Akfirefly76 the rat, Gi Janearng the goblin, Daphne486 the cockatrice, Torgover the cockatrice, Indie Young the goblin, Justme31 the zombie, Sharpegirl the floating eye, Aisha New the owlbear, Dreadedcandiru2 the rat, Tsdream the gelatinous cube, Decantmonkey the leprechaun, Therapistscake the giant spider and Frizz Ease the nymph.

I looted the Dagger of Philip K. Dick, the Axe of Kitttieluv, the Sword of Detonate For Me, the Crown of Chanharrison, the Dagger of Nissaba, the Crown of Stagefocus, the Dagger of Yendi, a Figurine of Crisavec, the Wand of James Bond, a Figurine of Theloriest, the Crown of Shasplim, the Amulet of Kwsix, the Armour of House Md, the Dagger of Jack Sharp, the Armour of Lost, the Armour of Clandestinelyme, the Axe of Athol Fugard, the Sceptre of Mythology, the Crown of Barcode Life, the Shield of Yourshade, the Shield of Tuesdays Grace, the Amulet of Geolinguist, the Sword of Nightpaws, the Sceptre of Harry Potter, the Armour of Wilfred Owen, the Amulet of Friends, the Amulet of Gypsyfae, the Amulet of Madam And Eve, the Axe of Bluefirestorm, the Sceptre of Vsprtn, the Crown of Desertfaith, the Dagger of Sane Syko, the Dagger of Snowstorm Tm, the Sceptre of Harry Potter, the Armour of Pookajuice, the Amulet of Nick Cave, the Armour of Veggiebelle, the Sword of Placesyouhaunt, the Shield of Edwardsak, the Crown of Kornopolous, the Sword of Jennjenn71, the Wand of Shakespeare, the Shield of Alaskaguy and 419 gold pieces.

Score: 1219

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  • Happy Wangsday!

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  • Derby Humor

    I am tucking this safely here, since by gallery didn't transfer to the new phone. Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday Geolinguist and Twilight2000! Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

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