Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I died in the Dungeon of Ghost Light

I was killed in a dusty tunnel by the wrath of Dances Withcats, whilst carrying...

the Armour of Arizonaicerose, the Wand of Thechef9, the Sword of Sam Raimi, a Figurine of Faerieariel, the Shield of Cp Journalcomic, the Armour of Alicia Stardust, a Figurine of Lallis Folly, the Sceptre of Harry Potter, the Armour of Wilfred Owen, the Sword of Nightpaws, the Shield of Yourshade, the Armour of Veggiebelle, the Amulet of Elemess, the Sceptre of Spike Tape, the Wand of Blade Runner, a Figurine of Dreadedcandiru2, the Sceptre of Cheese, the Dagger of Clandestinelyme, a Figurine of Crisavec, the Dagger of Yendi, the Crown of Stagefocus, the Amulet of Madam And Eve, the Amulet of Angelwolf24, the Sword of Annie Wright, the Dagger of Mischief Wa, the Axe of Bluefirestorm, the Sceptre of Adiva Calandia, the Shield of House Md, the Sword of Mizkit, the Armour of Felisdemens and 576 gold pieces.

Score: 513

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