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Something I must remember

Today was not as bad as it felt at the time.

Yes, I delegated the printing of an important document and then forgot about it.
Yes, it was not done in time for the 3:00 meeting.
And it is true I discovered this at 2:55.
Yes, I had to look 3 places to find they had a computer hookup in the Hilton where I could print the document I needed from the email.
And it is also true that they would not let me into the room without a room key from the front desk.
But, the gentleman behind the desk was very friendly and helpful.
As were the people in the business center. One of them even stopped typing their own email to stare at the screen which would not let me on without a major credit card.
Yes, since you didn't ask, my wallet was back at the theatre.
But I made it back there before 3:15 to get it.
I will admit, I did make a bad call by going to the hotel across the street to see if they had a computer just because it was closer.
And, oh yes, it is only for guest use.
But they did direct me to the UPS store.
By 3:23 I had them printed out.

And I did walk into the meeting just as Christian mentioned the document was coming.
And the kids cheered.

I must remember - I got it there before 3:30. Nobody exploded. Nobody died. Well, except Brando. But he preceded the whole mess.

It may be true I didn't get roll called by 9:25 as usual, but it got called.

I must remember it all got done, nothing was a catastrophe no matter how frustrating it was.

Frustrating is not necessarily bad. No matter how many goats there were or how fast they were going today, they all got roped.

Plus, the day ended with us moving a piano into the Center by pulling into the loading dock and then pushing it all the way around to the front of the building to avoid taking it up some stairs.

While Yngvil played Gilbert and Sullivan on it.

The First Friday Gallery Goers never knew what hit them.
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