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Sims Update - Belladonna Cove

Zachary wasted little time in putting the supernatural phone to use. As promised, it opened a direct line to the afterlife and he was able to call Naenae back to the world of the living. Not all of the phones properties had been explained to him before he dialed, though. Naenae returned, still pregnant, but as a zombie.

A few hours after Naenae's resurrection, Angel got some shocking news of her own - she was expecting again. Zachary did his best to care for both of them and keep them both happy. Soon, Angel gave birth to a daughter they named after their mothers, MaryAlice. Naenae had twins, a boy and a girl. She was not allowed to name then, given her one-track zombie mind, but she was very insistent her ideas be heard. Finally she and Zachary reached a compromise and the boy was named Brian, the girl Mindy.

Naenae's reanimation did not last long, and her last act was to take the phone back to the grave with her. Angel had become fond of Naenae in the short time they lived together, so she was more than willing to raise the twins as her own. This proved to be a very fortunate thing.

Zachary Allgood passed away on the same day his three babies grew into childhood.

Angel and the children moved into a house that had been especially designed for them by Tina (it was a class project). Mindy and MaryAlice were best friends almost from day 1. They even insisted on sharing a room when they moved into the new house. Mindy had a strong affinity for science and was an excellent student. MaryAlice and Brian shared both a deep love of sports and an overdeveloped competitive streak. There was little love lost between them and the fact they were always on rival teams didn't help.
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