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Sims Update - Academie le Tour

Getting accepted to college was not trick for Gregory, but to gain entry to the secret society he had to find some of the members and win their trust and friendship. He started with a pretty red-head who seemed to be friendly with a strange assortment of people on campus. He soon learned her name was Tina Bear and she had grown up in Painted Sage. She was majoring in art, but her real passions were for architecture and building things.

Tina took a real shine to him and started introducing Gregory to her friends around campus. It was not long before he found himself handcuffed and blindfolded in the back of a limo headed to a secret location for his initiation. From there is was just a matter of finding a time when he was in the house alone so he could search for the phone, steal it and pass it off to his dad. He had it accomplished by Midterms, but he could not convince himself to leave campus once it was done.

He continued to see Tina, but was wracked with guilt about using her to steal the phone. Finally he poured his heart out to her and confessed everything. Instead of kicking his ass to the curb, Tina invited him to move in with her and convinced him to stay until graduation. He agreed and was still taking classes when Mallory started college.

Mallory had already determined she would follow in her mother's footsteps and become a professional party guest. She was going to skip college until she started hearing stories from Gregory about how wild the campus parties could be. She moved in with Tina and Gregory after she was accepted and talked them into applying for a charter to become a Greek house.

Spring break of her freshman year, Mallory went on a camping trip with members of the Nature Center Youth Group. While on a bug hunting safari, she was separated from the rest of the group and stumbled upon a small cabin deep in the woods, home to one of the legendary race of Bigfoots. This one was called Leonid by his family and he invited Tina to stay with him for the rest of her vacation.
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