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Sims Update

Zachary Allgood and Naenae Phillipine moved in together and a date was set for a Spring wedding. During the long winter wait, Naenae became pregnant and, tragically, passed away well before Spring and even before the baby arrived.

Zachary was distraught, but did his best to go on with his daily activities. His work suffered, understandably, but he took great solace in hikes at the Nature Center. After an appropriate amount of time had passed the new activity leader, Adriana Shailek, offered to set him up on a blind date. Zachary was apprehensive at first, but agreed to try it once. Little did he know what was in store for him.

Angel Go was a popular young woman with a blonde faux-hawk and aspirations of becoming a professional party guest. Zachary fell head over heels for her at first sight. Luckily the feeling was mutual and the pair eloped almost immediately.

Angel also had a hard time with her first pregnancy, but sher survived to give birth to a son they named Gregory. Gregory had a deep passion for music and dance which appeared while he was still a toddler. He seldom moved from his spot in front of the stereo where he could spend hours doing little butt-scoot dances.

Just before Gregory became a teen Angel and Zachary had another baby, a little girl they named Mallory. She was the image of her mother but shared her father's deep love of the outdoors.

Zachary became an elder not long after Mallory was born but he went on working. He never really got back into the groove of his career after Naenae's death and languished in the middle of the gaming pack. Angel, on the other hand, enjoyed a fairly meteoric rise in her slackerdom.

As Gregory grew old enough to begining considering a career, he shocked his parents by expressing a desire to become a teacher rather than pursue a career as a dancer. He never said so, but his father was partly responsible for that.

While Zachary and Angel has a blissfully happy marriage, Zachary still mentioned poor, doomed Naenae to his son on occasion and wondered what their child might have been like. Gregory had heard rumors that there was a secret society on campus at Academie le Tour which possesed a phone that could call people back from the dead. He hatched a plan of going to that college, joining the society, stealing the phone and then simply dropping out of school to go on with his life.

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