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Ghost Light

And a Good Weekend was Had by Most

Not very productive, but a lot of fun.

Thursday we had an almost-sold out house of students from the college. They talked the entire time but reportedly loved the show. The big joke backstage was how the information about the house trickled in. First we heard they were English students, then it was that they were not the most upper level English class, then we learned that they were at the show to make up and assignment they'd missed. At this point I looked at the stage manager and just said "So, basically, this show is their punishment?"

Friday one person in the office dressed up. He wore a kilt and gave out candy. About 3 minutes after he came through the office, one of the other guys came through with Burger King Breakfast Sandwiches 'So you'll eat something besides sugar today!'

The show was less awesome. It was a slightly smaller house than we have been getting, much older and very, very quiet. We had to work for every snicker we got. After the show we caught the middle/end of the Brr-lesque show and THEN went over to alaskaguy's Halloween party.

Saturday I didn't do much other than play on the computer and get my brace adjusted before the show. It went a lot better - another sold out house. Afterward we stopped in at a wedding reception and then gave into the infernal cravings for boxed Mac and Cheese I've been harboring all week. Neither of us felt like using our extra hour for sleep, so we watched The Happening and part of a Beatles movie. I really liked The Happening, but I've liked all of his movies (Signs least of them all, though.) I find that each of them has a moment where your jaw simply drops, and it's not always the ending.

Sunday I goofed around on the computer and played some Sims until it was time to go to the theatre. That means another Sims update or two will be coming shortly. The show went fairly well and we went out to dinner with a sis-in-law and bro-in-law talk about Thanksgiving. Bro-in-law gave lonelydumptruck all of his old Xbox games and he set that up in the bedroom while I played some more Sims.

lonelydumptruck is making calls for the Begich campaign tonight. I'm going to fold laundry and play on the computer, hopefully post a Sims story, send emails and the like. I may try to go vote early to avoid the chaos of tomorrow but I haven't decided yet.

1. What was your weekend like?

2. What was the best costume you saw?

3. How much candy did you eat?
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