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One day

One day I will remember it is likely to be 12 degrees outside and come up with a Halloween costume that includes a hoodie and 3 layers of clothes instead of this year's bit of brilliance...zombie stripper.


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Nov. 1st, 2008 08:06 pm (UTC)
Although I rarely actually carry on through to the final steps of "making" and "wearing," I tend to spend an embarrasssing amount of time "dreaming up" costumes -- even in the sunny days May and June.

And I'd often thought that hoodies would be very useful foundations for costumes, if only you can find one without a sports logo or other lettering (and good luck with that!).

For a dragon costume, for example, you could start with a solid green hoodie, and put the dragon's eyes on the side of the hood, and the spikey "crest scales" on the top, and down the back of the hood part. If you're not very crafty, you could cut the scales out of felt in the color of your choice, and safety pin them in place. Just had the thought that oval, red, bicycle reflectors and a bit of double-sided carpet tape would make pretty good "Glowing red reptilian eyes" (and would make you more visible to traffic, if you're out walking at night).

You could also cut out bat-like wing shapes from felt, and safety pin them in place between the undersides of each sleave, and the hoodie's side seams.

Knit green gloves with faux red nails on the fingertips would make good dragon claws, and keep your hands warm.

Matching green sweat pants, with a tail safety pinned to the back of the waistband, and there you go.

Variations on this basic idea:

A white sweatsuit-with-hoodie set, with antanae attatched to the hood, and a pair of safety goggles accessory, and abstract logos and badges on the hoodie, and you're an alien.

A red set could be adapted into a lobster (zombie, since they're only red after they're cooked)

And I was once at a costume party where someone, very effectively used a sweatshirt as the basis for her costume of a red-winged blackbird...
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