Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Guess what!

I'm typing this entry on a shiny new computer! And a new computer means a new Sims game! I just have to get the gumption to go downstairs to get the discs out of lonelydumptruck's car and get them installed.

In the meantime, a weekend update.

I'm going to start on Thursday when I tried to get a refill of one of my meds from the Spine Doc and got a call that I needed to come in for an appointment before they would think about it. Luckily my Little Boss is very cool and encouraged me to take the time available that same day. It ended up being just a "med check" appointment, which meant I had to show up, prove I could still move and I was doing something besides sitting in a corner popping pills and scratching my arms uncontrollably. The Nurse Practitioner asked if I'd like anything and, when I replied that I'd LIKE medication that made me both pain-free and able to enjoy it, she just laughed and wrote a prescription for everything I'm on to have refills for a year.

Later that same day, Dr. Buddy called to say my brace had finally come in!! Little Boss encouraged me to go ahead and get a fitting for it on Friday, but I decided I'd rather make an attempt at working a full day for once and I opted for a Saturday time.

Friday we had a lovely date night, which I think was more fun knowing it was one of my last nights brace-free.

Saturday lonelydumptruck went with me to Dr. Buddy's so he could learn how to help fit me into the contraption. It's going to be an adventure. I don't mind it some of the time, but if I sit for too long it gets out of position. The thigh-bands weren't the right size, so I am not wearing them for now. I go back for another fitting next month and hopefully they will fit well and help keep the brace from riding up when I sit and lie down. I'm supposed to wear it 20 hours a day for at least 18 months with x-rays every few months to make sure it isn't making anything worse. Dr. Buddy offered to let me ease in with 10 hour days since it didn't immediately make me feel better like he hoped, but I'd rather do the longer stretch most of the time. I didn't wear it for dress rehearsal tonight and I haven't put it back on yet and I am definitely feeling more achy already.

Saturday night we went to a pirate party. Today I got my hair re-dyed and went to see "Well" at OutNorth before the dress rehearsal for Invalid. I had to get the braid cut out of my hair for the show, but I saved it for a bookmark. The show is going very well. I still need to work on my scene in Act 2, but I'm confident I will nail it before the preview.

Now, I am off to get the Sims installed and hopefully start a new legacy before I strap myself in and head to bed!
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