Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

You Know Those Days?

7:38 - Go outside to start the van warming up and defrosting since the ice scraper is still MIA.

7:48 - Realize this is the last possible minute to leave the house and make it to work on time. Grab purse, bag, Diet Coke and coat...but can't find keys to the van. Begin panicked search for the keys.

7:56 - Remember keys are IN THE FUCKING VAN and actually leave the house for work.

8:00 - Pull into parking lot. Take 2 tries to pull into a space semi-straight because the van corners like a doberman on acid when the streets are icy. Be greeted at the door with cries of 'Hey! One of your reverse lights is out'

8:01 - Clock in. Go me.

8:02 - Drop Diet Coke so hard it bounces twice while trying to put it into the fridge.

8:03 - Arrive at desk. Run out of Kleenex.

8:04 - Seriously consider using Little Boss' phone to call the main desk and tell them I changed my mind, I'm not coming in today after all.
Tags: health, the warehouse of misfit toys

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