Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Updates to Come...

Really. I've been mentally composing things all week, it's just that the Summer Conservatory begins on Monday so with setting things up, staff meetings, CPR training....I get home after 10-12 hours and just fall down go boom. Or more accurately, log on to City of Heroes and make other things fall down go boom. It requires very little actual attention and no command of the English language. I like that in a relaxing hobby sometimes. I just got Ghost Light up to 15th level and made her The Legendary Ghost Light.

In an unrelated attempt for birthday is next month! My birthday is next month! *little dance with much arm waving*. I am GOING to get a paid account. So. I need new icons! Anyone have ideas? Anyone want to make me some presents?

I have to get back to work on the room schedule now - 6 shows and 7 classes a day rehearsing at alternate times plus a Jr. program twice a day. Not that bad, it's just making sure every rehearsal gets equal time in the performance space, the dance and combat classes have a non-carpeted floor and the singing classes aren't too close to anything else in case kids are shy. If I pull this off.....
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