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Cruise Day 5 - Juneau

Yesterday was fun. We were at sea all day and saw the Hubbard Glacier. I missed the approach to the glacier because yesterday was also the tour of the ship's theatre and my mom and I talked the technical director into giving me a private tour of the booth (heh. He was a nice guy, I heard all about all the technical elements that don't really work anymore and then we digressed into telling theatre ghost stories with the lighting designer.

They had the second round of the joke contest. I told my favorite blonde joke, but the Penguin Joke would have been more appropriate for that crowd. Most everyone brought the raunchy. lonelydumptruck told the ice fishing joke and we even got mom up there to tell one of her brother's favorite jokes.

We're in Juneau today. It's pretty grey and dull. lonelydumptruck hurt his foot a bit, so we're not up to walking the whole town the way we did in Sitka. We did go to the Capital and took the 'self-guided' tour. I liked some of the small touches. We went into the Speaker's office and there are 2 signs on the desk - one says 'Boo/Hiss' and the other says 'Don't Pick Your Nose'.

Right now we're enjoying a breakfast beer while I type this and we're hoping to hit the Alaska Brewery a little later in the day, then it is off to Ketchekan. If anyone would like postcards from our fabulous trip, the place to comment is a couple entries back. Seattle folks, the entry to meet up with us this weekend is there as well.

That's all I can think of for now.
Tags: things that only happen in theatre, travel
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