Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Seattle - Day 1

We made it in just fine. I've been jonesing to post all morning, but my creativity and charm have been sapped away from walking from the ferry terminal near the Market, through the Market, down to where the Underground Tours are held, up and around Capital hill and now we are on our way back down.

That and all I can think about is Holy Shit, Sarah Palin!?!!

We did see Pax08, a gamer con and walked through. Our very first con and we snuck in! @squee!

I think I managed to overdo it a bit carrying my coat, NOW my arm hurts.

And to prove just how geeky I really am - while we were waiting to check in our luggage last night,I saw 2 teenage girls standing at the next check-in. One was flipping a coin over and over again, saying something I couldn't quite hear. The other was obviously grousing at her to stop. All I could think about was 'Heads...Heads...Heads...Heads'
Tags: chronic pain, travel, true stories from the taupe couch

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