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Last Minute Update

I survived the fair!! Barely, it feels sometimes. I'm still tired and we leave for Valdez as soon as I squeeze in another meeting or so. It was a crazy-fun couple of weekends. The weather was really good, just one rainstorm. It fell during our show, but I was able to stand under the awning and sing among the patrons for most of it. Nigel tied with perennial favorite Vincent Valentino as runner-up in Manliest Man, the Toad Show won best line ("Belay that, Dick!"), all THREE Toadshows won for Best Show and, in spite of a couple good natured fights with friends about how Best Bodice at the Fair means Best Boobs, not Prettiest Bodice I am pleased to announce I won Best Bodice!!! *happy dance!* Pictures will come, promise.

Valdez should be fun this year. Kokopelli is presenting Monday night and I am the SM for that. She picked some really interesting scenes and monologues. I'm looking forward to going, but I don't think anything will top the experience of 2 years agp.

Picture if you will: ETC presenting the Albee retrospective with Edward himself in the front row. One of the actors brought up from Seattle is giving The Speech from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" He takes a beat. The beat becomes a pause. The pause turns into a moment. The audience realizes he has no fucking clue what the next line is. A voice comes from the front row. "We drank free that night." It was, of course, Edward giving the prompt.
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