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AK State Fair '08 - We Fought the Lame and the Lame Won!

userinfoGeolinguist and I made our yearly pilgrimage to the Great Alaska State Fair. We've been doing this every fall for about 4 years. It started as an attempt to eat our weight in tasty, fried, fair goodness but after two years of only managing a cream puff and a burrito each, we had to face facts, mature and create other agendas.

Every year we go to the Imagination Station and kill a glorious half hour or so playing with the various interactive exhibits. We have been known to scare small children away from some of the better booths. My favorite is still when we did the Recessive Traits Walk and stood waving to each other from opposite ends of the DNA strand. Then we walk the exhibits and boggle at some of the photographs the judges liked, consider all of our food options two or three time, and ponder then reject a brunch beer at the Sluice Box. We usually spend a while in the Livestock area getting dry and watching a couple of the 4-H judgings with userinfoGeolinguist giving color commentary, look at the the giant veggies and bunnies (especially those raised for meat and pleasure) and finally he has a nice talk with one of the ducks and we go home.

This year it was all just kind of......lame. We saw some friends, which was fun, but other than that.....The Imagination Station was all about space, which should have been fucking AWESOME! but the only cool thing was a display where you could feel how much heavier Diet Coke cans are on different planets. None of the arts and crafts were especially wonderful (even though there were needlepoint Elvi and Beatles on display). They hadn't set up the book listing the winners in the homebrew contest, so we couldn't figure out if lonelydumptruck's infused vodka or kahlua had won anything.

It was only the first day, so there were no judgings and all the ducks were too busy flirting with other ducks to have a conversation. About the most exciting thing was a mule who was bound and determined to learn how to open his pen. I wanted to stay and take bets about how long it would take but userinfoGeolinguist wouldn't let me. I did talk him into having a beer, but the featured band was playing 'Yee-Haw' music and I was chased away half-way through the glass.

All in all, it was just...meh. Oh! but there was a huge rain and hail storm on the way home.
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