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SpineCor, makers of the future of back braces continues to dis me at every turn.

First, they never got back to Dr. Buddy when he made inquiry calls about how to brace for 3 curves back when I first started seeing him, then their computer application won't take my measurements. Dr. Buddy claims he took the computer home with him and spent hours trying different ways to input it to get the brace built, but no luck. He sent my measurements and the request for parts to them July 8 and they have still not arrived.

So today was just an extended manipulation, which included all kinds of strange techniques like sticking his fingers in my ears while he moved my neck. It did seem to help some, though, I've been able to move both arms better.

We also had a long talk about B12 shots being used for pain relief. He's been doing them for athletes and sciatica patients for years and lately he's been getting good results with a fibro patient (I also talked to him about being worried that I haven't really snapped back from this weekend and he'd like me to see a rhuematist at some point)so he wanted to see how I do with it.

I got a big ol' shot of B12 right in the ass.

Line forms here to kiss it better.
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