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Things Going on I Haven't Blogged About Yet

lonelydumptruck have been sucked into Battle Star Galactica and are devouring seasons 2 and 2.5 at a rate of approximately 3 episodes a day. This is a rough indication of where a lot of my free time has been going.

I've also broken down and joined FaceBook, where I see a lot of my future free time going.

As previously noted, I survived Fairy Tale Theatre. Not only that, I am actually considering doing it again. The shows both went very well. Saturday was rather brown trousers since the performance was the first time we had the set, lights, sound, costumes and tech but it all came together extremely well. My big joke is that it could not have gone worse than our last rehearsal where we had to practice walking up upstairs and walking on stage four times until we could do it without anyone collapsing in a mock faint, waving at the audience or announcing he had to go pee RIGHT NOW. That was also the rehearsal where one of my actors announced in the middle of a scene that if he ever had to do the show again he was going to throw up. Saturday went MUCH better than that. Sunday everyone was relaxed enough that we started getting the squirrelly giggles when things went wrong, but I was terribly pleased over all.

After 5 days of auditions, I finally have a cast for Bunnicula. I should be working on the rehearsal schedule for that and working on a big October project for Wild Berry right now, but I'm feeling awfully lazy and unfocused. The class I was going to teach for the Museum was canceled, which is probably good since I forgot to mark out the time for it on my calendar, but I have a meeting later this week about another project with them.

Saturday lonelydumptruck and I went to the first of 3 weddings this month. Saturday was kind of the party date of the year - we went from the wedding to the bachelor/bachelorette party for userinfopoisondartfrog and userinfomonkofsilence, then finished off the night with the Crooked Toad Cast party.

My pain levels have been astonishingly good lately. I haven't used my TENS or my therapy unit in just over a week and I have been skipping my morning meds more often than I should. I'm not *great*, but it has been better. I still feel like there is a terrible bruise behind my left shoulder and it hurts to lean back in certain ways or to touch it, but it's not as constantly severe as it has been. I wonder if it is the slightly milder weather (we have had some sun).

yeah, life's pretty full
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