Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

here we go again!

Fairly productive weekend over all. I got called in to work at Wild Berry Friday and Saturday, which made for really long days after my shifts at the Center, but it was pretty fun.

Sunday was the triplet's birthday, so we had a family BBQ to celebrate my birthday and theirs. I have a truckload of Best Buy gift certificates now, so I should actually be able to buy a new digital camera! And a new camera means shots of the Subamino if it makes another appearance.

I got my script written for Fairy Tale Theatre, which is good since we only have 4 rehearsals left! I'm pretty proud of it so far. We'll see how it does when the kids actually get a hold of it.

Today is going to be another crazy day - I go right from Fairy Tale to a wine tasting at Wild Berry (There is a local guy who wants us to carry his products) and then back to the Center for Bunnicula auditions.

Yep, I agreed to direct Bunnicula. I may regret this. It's a musical, which I've never done before and the music has yet to arrive. There is a chance it will come in today, but I am not going to hold my breath. I'm also wondering/worried about how the rehearsal schedule will shake out since it's being done in rep with Evita.

Plus, and this is the big one, I don't even have an icon for the show yet!
Tags: directing, life after aty, wild berry

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