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Okay, I've heard a few rumors that the comic feeds were closed down for copyright infringement. Has anyone one else heard anything more official? Maybe this is just me releasing stress through another valve, but this whole thing really pisses me off!! I used to go to the comic sites. I spent the time dealing with pop-ups and server lag to read my comics in the dead of night or the crack of dawn, and I always wished I was better at coding so I could figure out a way to get them to all just display on one page. That was my simple little cyber-dream when I woke up at 3:30am and stumbled out to read comics while I drank some water and waited for my brain to reset after an odd dream: I wanted ONE place to see ALL of the comics I like. One site. One click. Even a subscription to the paper can't give me that. Oh, they dangled the prospect of Get Fuzzy in front of us and then snatched it back like a colorful little catnip mouse just for their own amusement.

When I started journaling, it took me a bit to notice people had Get Fuzzy or For Better or For Worse appearing on their friend pages, but once I saw it I had to make it my own.

It was everything I hoped it could be. And sometimes I would still brave the pages if the live feed was slow, but mostly I was happy to see my little collection of daily happiness all in one place.

I want a better reason for why the artists or the companies or whoever don't share in this tiny little dream.
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