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I Survived!

Day 1 of Fairy Tale Theatre went very well. I have 6 really great little people including my beloved 'Baby Sister' from Charlotte's Web and one little guy who wants to play every part in the show including the Princess. The only glitch in the lesson plan was that I planned a day of lots of very, very active games so we were all worn out with half an hour to go and I had no sitting down games to fall back on to kill the rest of the time.

I did have a couple moments of brilliance, though:

There is a point in the story where the little girl passes an oven full of bread and a grove full of apple trees. The costumer and I came up with the idea of just putting the kids in little red and black outfits patterned like bricks and little brown outfits with green hats and mittens shaped like loaves of bread or apples.

The other was when I came back in the theatre with some of the kids after the bathroom break and my stage manager was playing 'Simon Says' with the rest of them. I asked her and the mom helping out today to help watch the kids when I did it and when it got to be my turn - 'Simon Says raise your left hand' 6 little left hands went in the air. 'Simon Says raise your right hand.' 6 little right hands went in the air. Once I knew we all had left and right straight, then we got down to the important business of learning stage directions.

Sometimes I can be smrt. And I didn't have to raise my voice even once. Go me.
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