Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Little Runny Babbits!

I was so le tired yesterday I kept almost dozing off during the full-length reading. The Fringe decided to do a 24-hour play thing for tonight, so when we came into the lounge/our room for an early night there were people on the computers. Then a large group walked in to make cookies and french fries and hang out. We ended up setting up our tent at Midnight but it was fairly comfortable. I feel much better so far.

Hubby's reading went VERY well! He got a lot of good feedback about the show and things he might want to consider changing. Several people have told him 'don't you dare consider cutting this variation!' about a couple of them. I took 4 pages of notes for him.

I saw 4 readings, including Bear Variations, and I enjoyed all of them. Several brought up the dreaded 'is it a play or is it a skit?' question. (And, as everyone here at the Conference knows, a skit is just a play you don't think very much of. Thanks, Edward.)

Oh, and a special review of last night's Fringe: *squick!!!*
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