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The Famous Valdez Biting Flies are Out!

Another cloudy day in Valdez! Hubby's play is being read this afternoon! I can't wait to hear what the panel has to say about it. He's doing a reading today too.

Yesterday was....interesting. I went to 3 readings, 2 of them were "one-person" shows. Both of them had a second character who came in at the end or who did alternate voices. I really didn't care for the Mark Twain-based one much, but the first has some promise. The same actress is supposed to play the patient and the therapist. At first it is alternating monologues out of time (one in the session, then the therapist venting about the session to Zod-only-knows-who later on) but then it moved into the two responding to each other in real time, still in monologue. That was troubling. Also - nothing really happened. Which was the same problem I had with the Twain play. Nothing happened!! People critiqued the third play I saw pretty harshly, but I loved it! There was dialog! One person got tied to the train tracks and the train actually CAME! Hallelujah!! It was like getting to see a Mamet play after a steady diet of Beckett.

Pain levels have been okay, considering I'm sleeping on an air mattress. I've been sleeping like a baby. That could have something to do with rolling in about 2am after the bonfire at Mineral Creek every night, though.

One of my friends here also has a TENS unit, so we were comparing units. She says hers is at least 5 times stronger than mine. Mine is still not working great, but I realized I've grabbed some pads for this one and some for the old unit. That might have a bit to do with it. I'm still having the same issues with the current not staying at the set level when I move around. I'd hoped new wires would fix that, but I may have to ask for a whole new unit.

Last night the UAF Drama group did the evening performance, Split. I really enjoyed it. The playwright's notes talked about how he felt there is kind of a social adolescence at 23-24, when you are just out of college and trying to figure out what the hell is going on. It was a really young feeling play, and I liked that. Some older audience members walked out. The show didn't just drop the F-bomb, it dropped cluster F-bombs. Sort of:


(and thank the Hubby for that visual)

ETA: which LiveJournal won't take the spaces for! I'll try to work it out later. Right now there is Thai food to beg for and readings to hear! Ta!
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