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We got the Fair taken apart on Sunday. The weather remained crappy for the entire Fair, though the sun came out every night at 8:35 sharp, but the crowds on Sunday were HUGE! I don't think we could have fit any more people into the Toad at the first show. We ran out of beer about 6:00, which lead to the bartender, Slyfe, coming to sit on the stage during Quit Slacking so he could yell "Sorry!" or "You can't!" when we got to the lines "You Barmen, get pouring like pumping the bilge. Quit slacking, you bastards, let's DRINK!"

We left for Valdez Monday morning/early afternoon. The drive was great! It was so sunny and hot over the pass that I was freaking out about forgetting to pack shorts and a tanktop, but it socked in and got chilly as soon as we hit the canyon and has stayed that way. I got to drive for about an hour and a half. I thought I was doing pretty well, but apparently I was tailgating and that got on Hubby's last nerve pretty damn quick.

They changed the housing arrangements this year. We pulled in expecting to set up a tent in the gym and instead we are sleeping in the lounge of one of the dorms with TWO computers in the room. The downside is that the door can't be shut and locked because this is where the folks camping can come in to spend time and use the bathroom.

We got into town just in time to see Sway Me Moon as the evening staged event. Hubby saw it at Out North, but I missed it then. It was wonderful! One of the best shows I've seen this year. Luckily we were sitting near a friend who saw the director and playwright in the back with Kleenex and he stole enough to share.

The Fringe last night was also really fun. It was in the Mexican place instead of at the Totem in as usual. They read 6 plays. The standout for me was one where a cellphone kept ringing during the final scene of King Lear and it turned out to be Cordelia's.

I made it to 3 readings today, which I will talk about later. Need to zoom to get to the evening event, the Fringe and the bonfire tonight!
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