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Moments of Brilliance

Friday I was sitting at the PAC, innocently reading a book, and when I stood up there was something incredibly hot in my front pocket! I freaked out, pulling things out left and right (because my pockets are pretty much like a 10-year-old boy's) and inside I find one flaming hot rechargeable battery for my TENS and two smoking hot pennies. They don't warn you about things like that in the instruction manual.

I'm kicking off Roll Thy Leg Over as the closing song at the Toad Show this year, which means I get to do my verse first. I've written 3 for myself over the years and I can't remember a single goddamn one of them! I remember the first half of one, and kind of the rhyme scheme of the last part of another, but they don't fit together.

So last night at rehearsal, there is no stopping. I don't have a verse but it is my turn to sing. One of the directors was joking that I had to come up with something or someone else would do it and I offered to whip a verse out of my ass:

Every damn year I write a verse for this song,
But when I get beer, well, they never last long.
If one of you kind souls could lend me a pen
I'll never have to sing this verse again.

I'm pretty pleased with it, but I don't think I'll be using it. but I did finally remember one of my verses on the way home:

If all of them laddies were tall mugs of beer,
I'd top 'em all off and I'd do it with cheer.
You can drink all you want, you can do what you please
But spill one drop and your down on your knees.

I should work on another one.

I have also agreed to direct Fairy Tale Theatre for ATY this summer. I think I found a fairy tale I want to adapt instead of using a scripted play. I'm worried it isn't long enough and I'll have to come up with some others, but I'm feeling pretty good over all. I want to post the story but I probably won't do it as an open entry.
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