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Catching up

Things going on that I have not had time to write about:

- We went out to a Mexican restaurant with a sis-in-law for Quatro de Mayo and sat in the bar where all the tvs were tuned to kids movies or Nickelodeon shows. That cracked me up to no end.

- We broke family tradition and actually went to a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. Traditionally we go to a Mexican place on St. Pat's and an Irish bar on Cinco de Mayo. Mark was going to suggest sushi this year.

- Mark bought me business cards!!!!

- I have an upgraded TENS unit. I love the unit - it has 4 settings including one that is gradually increasing and decreasing pulses. That one is my very favorite. It was great to actually meet with a rep and learn some of the care and feeding of the TENS. For example, that strange itching sensation I would get from the pads sometimes that I thought was irritated skin? Nope, it was the pad being placed on bone and bone conducts the energy differently. Pads should not go on bone.

- The only thing I really hate about the new TENS is the batteries. It uses rechargables, but they don't hold a charge for long. I'm constantly running out of juice when I'm working in the morning, having to go home to get a new battery for the afternoon and then THAT one craps out first thing when I get to work the next morning. I have to get in the habit of carrying a spare with me.

- I've been on the cusp of a flare for over a week, but the TENS seems to be staving it off some....

- I also got a therapy to wear 40 minutes a day. I haven't really used it, but the rep swears by it.

- I finally got so sick of the general jackassery that is trying to get my medications from Carrs that I switched everything over to Fred's. Only thing is, they switched by birth control pills. Same formula, different brand they say. But. My anti-spazz pill is affected by my hormone levels. Old pills I'd get 5 days or so where I would get so tired I could barely function.. Today is the first day in 2 weeks I've managed to get through the day without a nap, and the exhaustion always hits like a freight train about half an hour after I take the anti-spazz pills. Going to be talking to someone about this.

- Also looking to fire the Spine Doc over all this medication jackassery.

- Still deciding if I'm going to work on Conservatory this summer. I'll be able to direct the little-little show if I want to. Will decide tomorrow.

- I am directing 2, count them TWO shows next spring! One for ATY and one for ACT.

- Went to see Flamel's Dream. I really enjoyed it. Would love to talk with the playwright about some of the imagery.

- Working from home would occasionally go a lot better if I didn't own a phone.

- I survived the Asian Culture school show and I didn't cry! Most of the last half of the show came straight out of our asses, but there was only one real problem, it was early, and we fixed it!

- It was not until after the school when I mentioned to my mentor that people kind of went "ba-WHA!!?!?" when I warned Sound Cue A that she realized I've never called a dance show before. I guess dance shows use numbers or names for sound cues and theatre uses numbers. I just went back to telling him which disc to put in and it went great, though I guess one of the techs was asking another if I'd ever done a show like this before once the curtain was down. The reply was that I'd done "...things..." before. Luckily my mentor was there and told them I'd never done THIS show before. Immediately one of them said "Oh! Well then she did GREAT!"

- We're going to see Night of the Living Dead on the big screen tonight! *squee!!* Diary of the Dead is playing this weekend but I managed to schedule myself to work both nights. My only hope is one thing getting out a little early.

- I like thinking in fake bullet points.

- My Palm is working again! The poor thing crapped out while I was visiting the FLO for Christmas and refused to charge. I *finally* found a helpful clerk who let me try a new USB cable and my brain is back!! I have my entire schedule all color-coded so I can tell where I'm working just with a glance!

- The Brr-lesque show was great! Stoney and Rodney just killed with their 3 Best of sketches and I got to try my full new costume out. I even had new makeup. I need to get more sensible heels, though. The ones I bought are so high they are almost fetish heels and I can barely walk in them. Every time I had to go downstairs, someone was making a joke about if I needed help. I think a couple of the men would have carried me if I'd asked, though.

- I won at the Kentucky Derby party again this year!
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