Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Important Business

- Happy birthday Shakespeare!

- Happy 80th Birthday to my Favorite Uncle!!

- Has anyone actually seen Diary of the Dead? It's at Beartooth next weekend and I am mad to see it. But as Mark put it after watching the preview, if the whole movie is like trying to watch scrambled porn - that's a deal breaker. We saw Cloverfield last night and did okay with that. It was great that they didn't cheat and use one, but there were points where I caught myself thinking "Okay, steadycams were invented for a reason!"

- Anyone want to go to Beartooth tomorrow night for the 10:00 show of Be Kind Rewind?

- Speaking of movies - Support my job! Go see the Mel Brooks Double Feature Friday April 25th at the Wild Berry Theatre (5225 Juneau St.). Young Frankenstein at 7pm and History of the World Part 1 at 9pm. $10 for both features, a drink and popcorn. Call 562-0497 for more information.

- Anchorage BPALers check in - should we place an order for imps or bottles?

- Also for Anchorage, if you had the chance to go to a local Lebowski Fest, would you?
Tags: bpal, life after aty, movies

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