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Weekend Update

Whew...where to start?

Thursday: I had a meeting with the Diva and userinfo name_omitted about working for ATY on a project-by-project basis. They really want me to Stage Manager and/or teach for Summer Conservatory. I need to see how it shakes down with House Managing and the Wild Berry since both of them have pretty much said I can work full-time this summer if I wanted to.

Friday: The Diva called me about directing Fairy Tale Theatre. I told him it just depends on schedule and I have to find out the times of it before I can agree to anything. He said he would send it to me. I called to remind him about it and still haven't seen the schedule, so I'm going to guess they are beating the bushes for someone else. The funny part was that he called me seconds after I left a meeting with the Education Director at the Museum where I agreed to teach a full class and be a guest instructor for some of their summer workshops.

I had my follow-up with the surgeon on Friday. The Spine Doc is so fired. He is so fired he doesn't even know it yet. I got a call as I was leaving the Museum (3 hrs. before my appointment) from the surgeon's office asking if I'd had the EMG done because they didn't have the results. I directed them to the Spine Doc. I got to my appointment and had to wait 2 hours because the report still hadn't been sent over. I was getting pissed in general, but Mark pointed out that the surgeon's office did appear to have their asses and their holes in the ground sorted and stored in properly labeled containers, unlike the Spine Doc.

The EMG came back fairly normal, as expected, but the surgeon was nice enough to point out that didn't necessarily mean something wasn't screw up since not all nervous systems have read the manual. He said if I really like my TENS unit (which I do, but I had to take a break from it yesterday because I think I was getting pain from over-use) then he has an infrastat system I'll just adore. He's also ordered another epidural because, as Mark put it, that's about all he has to offer. There is no way he's going to consider any surgery to straighten my spine until there is evidence that I have progressing scoliosis because he's a big believer that there is no pain that surgery can't make worse. I have to respect that.

When we finally got out of the surgeon's office I headed up to Palmer with Mark to see Othello again. The show has really grown a lot since Cyrano's previews. It was a really tight show, not transcendent, but I really, really enjoyed it. Plus we got to go for drinks with Don and userinfoalaskaguy which is always awesome. The place we stopped only served popcorn for food, so we were forced to spend most of the night trying to toss it into each others drinks.

Saturday: Neither of us has to be anywhere until 5 or so, so we went to help with the film "Way Up North." It was fun to actually be on set after spending all the time helping to organize. I didn't get another cameo since I'll be in Yakutat next weekend when they start filming the big fight, so I'll have to be content with just appearing as a sleeping meth whore.

That night I had my first training session for the big theatre. It was a fairly small concert, probably should have been in one of the smaller theatres but it was really laid back. I even got to eat at the reception afterwards.

Sunday: We had the first Crooked Toad meeting over brunch and then just went home to kick back for a lazy Sunday. We tried to watch Fantastic Planet but the disc was damaged. Rodney came over later and we watched Rock and Rule and then the Big Lebowski. I think Mark has seen that movie three times this year alone.
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