Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Today Is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

1. What are your plans this weekend?

2. Are you good at making paper airplanes?

3. Sourdough or rye?

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1. D&D planning

2. F'n terrible

3. Sourdough


January 14 2022, 18:04:37 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 18:05:07 UTC

1. Removing all the Christmas decorations, watching ski jumping, writing
2. I was
3. Rye!
1. Absolutely nothing. I finally got covid ☹.
2. Not really.
3. Sourdough
We wanted to meet up for a friend's birthday but plans just got cancelled.



1. Hunker down and not do anything other than relax, cook, watch some movies, maybe crafts with my kids. Exercising.
2. Decent enough
3. Rye! My favorite bread

there is a weekend?


rye - with seeds please
1. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sleep in on Saturday, church on Sunday, have my mom over for lunch after church, hopefully get some more boxes gone through in my house

2. not at all

3. either, but I prefer rye
Nothing much. Just working and watching football.

Not really.

1. Same as every weekend really, gaming and reading.

2. I think so, I've not made one for years.

3. I just bought some rye bread this morning, but I like either.
1) Staying inside

2) No XD

3) Both?
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1) Writing and catching up on anime

2) Nope XD

3) Rye
1. Going to go out and get takeout tonight because I don't feel like fixing dinner, going to hang out with my friends and eat heroes and watch Boardwalk Empire on Saturday, go to the Oakland Museum Sunday, not sure what I'm going to do Martin Luther King Day.
2. no
3. depends on what I'm eating it with
1. Cook. Work. Cross-stitch. Play with the gerbils. 2. I make a passable paper aeroplane. 3. Sourdough.
Laundry and climbing. I'm actually supposed to climb both days.


Depends on what I'm eating with it.
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