Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Answers - in some order

1. Want to see There Will Be Blood either tomorrow night or Saturday night at 8:15 @ the Bear Tooth? - Yes, I do. I work tomorrow and I really should go to a party tonight, but I will be there tonight if you will be!

2. How do you think these things up??? - I sit and stare at the computer until something comes to mind. Or one will pop into my head based on something that has happened to me. Every now and then I just have thought like 'so, how many people actually USE ass-gaskets when they are in a public bathroom?!?!??!"

3. How do you think up your questions everyday? It intrigues me. - Some come from stories I have. Some are recycles since I've been doing this for a few years. Often I just sit and think about something I would just be curious about.

4. Do you feel like you're missing out on anything by living in Alaska? Like, do you feel like you have as much civilization, technology, health care, access to the modern world as anyone living in the conjoined 48, or do you feel like there's an inherent difference being in Anchorage? I am so curious and fascinated by life - As far as civilization and technology, not really. We tend to get the big stuff like iPhones, a bit later at times, but we get them. Health care and career are really where I feel limited sometimes. All of the doctors I have seen know each other. I actually had a nurse exclaim "Oh! You're one of ______'s patients!" when I listed Samter's Triad on my medical history. Career-wise, I sometimes feel very limited as far as opportunities, especially when I read blogs about other people's shows.

5. when are you handing out the prizes? - last Tuesday, but stay tuned for more.

6. Can I crash on your couch? - Depends on when you are coming. I'll be out of town parts of April and June.

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