Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

It's like a mirror. In reverse.

We live on a semi-quiet street between 2 major roads. A lot of our traffic is pizza delivery guys wanting to avoid a light and a really stupid turn by racing down our street to the end where you can make a free left on to one of the roads or kids doing the same. It's been really sunny and just barely starting to get warm, so there have been a lot more kids out.

I'm sitting here in my apartment, which is on the second floor, in a room on the opposite side from the street and I just heard something like Poison being BLASTED from a passing car. I can't help myself, I peek out the side window.

The only car in sight is a very sensible blue Subaru, going well under the speed limit, gently accelerating over the speed bump in the middle of the street.
Tags: true stories from the taupe couch

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