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So last night I was House Managing for the opening night of Menopause, the Musical. I just finished my reminder to turn off all cell phones, pagers and other items that go beep-beep-beep and suddenly I have a patron waving at me rather frantically. I head over to her as soon as I'm done with the announcement.

"Excuse me," says the nice patron-lady, who is standing next to a very tall gentleman with his hand over his face. "Didn't you mean to say 'Ladies and GentleMAN' because I'm looking around and my husband is the only man here!"

This sounds so much like something my mother would do, I immediately get the giggles. We look left, look right. Sure enough he IS the only man to be seen throughout the main lobby. His wife starts to giggle. He is a good sport about all this, though, and starts to mutter things like, "Yeah, I came in here and I saw TWO men. Me and the me in the mirror."

As more people arrived, I kept checking back on the two of them to give updates like "Oh, wait! I just saw another gentleman get in the elevator!" and his wife would exclaim happily "See honey, we're up to 10 now!" And we would giggle and he would hide.

At the end of the show, the first person out of the house was an older man with a cane who asked me, "Is that mandatory viewing for men now?"

The second person was my friend, the hider, followed by a gaggle of women laughing and yelling "Aww, were you embarrassed?"

"Yes!" He yelled back over his shouulder. "I'm going to go home and DIE now!"

I caught his wife's arm as she passed me and whispered to her, "If you really want to be mean. Tell him it's not over yet. I'm blogging this."
Tags: life after aty, theatre, things that only happen in theatre

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