Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Hooptober Review #5

The Stuff(1985)

Rules Fulfilled:
Watch and review 31 horror movies before Halloween: 4/31

Watch movies from 8 decades:



Probably none of you are wondering why, after that spate of shitty movies, I decided to give 70's horror a rest and pick up this questionable gem from the 80's.

Well. There were a few reasons.

It hit my radar last Hooptober when I had to watch 4 body horror movies. This is so not my genre I figured a movie about marshmallow fluff turning people into "zombies" (and this might have been the loosest interpretation of zombies ever) sounded fun, but it wasn't available anywhere.

I heard it was funny, or at least seriously quirky, and parts were. The internal commercials for The Stuff almost made the ride worthwhile, especially the one staring Abe Vigoda and Claire Peller. I watched that part 3 times.

But the most important reason I sat through this mess?

As Zod is my witness, I thought it was from 1981 and it would count as one of the 4 movies from that year in this year's Challenge.

Available on: Shudder
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