Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

What ever happened to the Friday Five?

Did you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up and sort of run the mental checklist and it comes out "okay, ____ is good. This feels okay. No worries with ________...Okay. As long as I can keep from doing anything stupid today should be a very good day."?

On a related note - should I worry that the fair opens in 2 weeks, I have not seen my costume, I have complete faith in those who has promised me a costume, and I'm not worried at all?

I'm really getting used to this whole "most nights off" schedule. Went to play disc golf with a huge crew last night after dinner at Humpy's, but by the time I got there I was feeling like I didn't want to be the worst player on the course, so I opted to "caddy". userinfokahteeyah did that too. It was a fabulous night for a walk. And it gave us the Mark Line of the Week "Putz not name! Putts job!!"

The night before Mark, userinfogeolinguist, userinfoscooterpbakes, userinfokahteeyah and I went to a tapas place called Cafe Savannah which ROCKED!!!! We were trying to remember what all we ate during the game last night, because the menu was epic - garlic bread with cheese, tomato bread with anchovies, the shrimp skewers, olive plate, cheese plate, stuffed mushrooms, potato omelet thing, ham omelet thing, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, red peppers with garlic, 4 bowls of almonds and pistachios, something else with chorizo, 5 deserts and 2 bottles of wine. Anyone who wasn't there want to guess what the bill came to for everything?

Mark and I both got City of Heroes, which has caused me to upgrade my video card and get a new monitor (Thanks userinfoscooterpbakes!!) I'm having a ball just playing for little bits each day as an unwind from Conservatory work. So far I have delved into my favorite things and made Ghost Light (7th level defender) and Aspar-Teen (6 or 7th level controller). Mark got the game first, since it would only run on his computer, so I was playing a kind of disposable blaster called Merry Magnam. I'll probably remake her on my own game and spell the name right.
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