Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


I have contracted the plague.

I am a creature made of aches and snot today.

The worst part is that I'm scheduled for Rondy at 3:00 and then Wildberry at 5:30. There is no way I can miss this first Rondy shift.

I asked Mark if I was a bad person for thinking I should go to the Rondy job, then Wildberry knowing Wildberry will send me home.

"Of course not!" He replies. "That's a survival strategy!"

I am too sick for questions, so I shall give you the answers first and you create the questions, okay?

1. Pants
2. Kermit, lily pads and a diaper
3. Grime
Tags: chronic pain, health, life after aty, true stories from the taupe couch

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