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I've kind of been keeping it on the QT, but I've picked up another super-cool part-time job. I'm the assistant to my friend who runs the theatre out at Wild Berry. So far it is a lot of emails and organizing things from home, which is great, but I also work in the theatre some days. I always joked that when I retire I want to go back to working at a movie theatre and sell popcorn and sodas without any real responsibility. Guess what I did during my first shift?

But the best part? During my interview we were chatting about things to program in the theatre and I asked why they didn't show more movies since they have the big screen, projector, great sound system and all. I almost got clubbed like a baby seal. Seems they have been working with a distributer but weren't having any luck. When I came in to sign my paperwork, they dropped a huge notebook of movie titles in my lap and basically said "Here! You asked, you pick them out!"

I get to select the movies we show! How fun is this? Anyone have suggestions for March?
Tags: life after aty, wild berry

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